Summer Pastels w/ Coach

Happy Wednesday, loves! Beyond excited to be officiallly sharing something that's been in the works for literally months now...a very special collaboration with Coach and their amazing genuine glovetanned leather bags!

Just a little fun fact: Coach was actually the very first "designer" handbag I ever owned. I remember the first time I begged my parents to get me that patchwork "C" wristlet and then wore it around non-stop for god knows how long. I am actually discovering their leather collection for the first time ever and have to say, I am extremely impressed.

Coach's specialty just so happens to be leather--they started out as a company making leather baseball gloves. Did you know that? Cause I sure as well didn't! Irregardless of what they started out making as a company, the brand has really grown since and their leather quality is still just as outstanding.

I feel as though not a lot of people know the story behind Coach, and I am truly honored to be someone who can share it with all of you guys. Absolutely thrilled that they are going back and focusing on what they do best as a brand and really developing their leather designs again! 

Did I mention that each and every one of these "Dinky" crossbody bags comes with a little surprise? A Coach charm that you can style the bag with! It's an absolute mystery before you open the little charm package--and I ended up with their signature horse. Try your luck and see which charm you end up with! ;D

Let me know in the comments below! 
With Much Love,

Photography by: Runaway In L.A.

{Draped Trench} Club Monaco, on sale; similar here
{Sweater Top} Aritzia; Similar here & here
{Jeans} J Brand; Similar here
{Heels} All Saints; Similar here
{Bag} c/o Coach; Similar here & here
{Sunglasses} Westward Leaning c/o Ditto; Similar here
{Watch} Nicole Vienna; Similar herehere
{Stacked Rings} c/o Florence June



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