Happy Saturday, loves! Weekending away in my home-town these last few weekends...it's nice to get away and take a breather from the city sometimes. Usually, the city emits a strong motivating vibe that gets me to take action and chase my dreams, but it can also be such an energy drainer at other times and leave me feeling a bit burnt out. Whenever I'm feeling a bit drained from the fast-pace of Manhattan, I like to retreat for a weekend back to my hometown in Jersey. Believe me, I definitely needed some alone time and a whole lot of sleeping in after the craziness of New York Fashion Week!
Loving this transitioning fall weather at the moment--the time right before the leaves start changing colors. When the air is crisp and you wake up not knowing if it's going to be one of those brisk fall mornings or a day from the warm summers end. It's still been pretty warm these last couple of weekends, so taking full advantage, wearing the last of my summer wardrobe before fall truly kicks in. 
These are actually my first pair of culottes--purchased in lieu of NYFW. I know I'm super late to the culotte game, and I've known other bloggers that have been in on this trend since last spring/beginning of summer--but, I've been particularly hesitant when it comes to wide legged bottoms on my shorter, petite frame. I've got to say, I think I've found the perfect pair though! 
I shopped around, tried on a couple of pairs before deciding on this one. I'm gonna be honest, some of the other culottes I tried on were not flattering at all. Once again, that wide pant leg just doesn't agree with my small, petite build. But in the end, I realized that it's all about the cut and design of the culotte. This pair is particularly flattering because of the pleats, giving me a taller, slimming illusion, making these so much more attractive than the other plain wide-legged culottes!
Who said comfy couldn't be chic?! Getting the most wears out of my favorite culottes now, before the weather gets too cold for them! (I've linked a couple of other culotte options below, if you guys are just getting into this trend like I am). Happy styling fashionistas,
{Top: Ann Taylor}
{Bottoms: Zara; Similar here}
{Shoes: Banana Republic}
{Bag: Chloe (dupe)}
{Necklace: Bauble Bar}
{Sunglasses: Burberry; Similar here}
{Bracelet: Banana Republic}




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