Beyond the Hype: Chloë Drew Mini Review & Guide to Buying Luxury

Happy Tuesday, loves! Reviewing one of the most hyped items of the season for you guys today--the Chloe Drew bag! I've already written some content on a dupe for the Drew bag since everyone has been swooning over it from its release, but I thought that today, I'd go "beyond the hype" and give you guys the whole "low down" on the bag itself as well as how to be smart while buying luxury!

**Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored by any retailer or company. All opinions and recommendations are solely my own.

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Buying Luxury:

1. Do Your Research

Now, when I am thinking about buying luxury, I always do my research online first. When it comes to  choosing the perfect Drew bag for you, it's all about looking at what options are out there in the first place--from color to material to size. It's easy to be overwhelmed in a store setting if you don't have an idea of what your perfect bag is because the choices can be pretty endless. And then, you run the risk of getting buyer's remorse after the purchase if you catch your eye on something else! So, always always always--do the research first! 

2. In-Store Visit

Once you have an idea in your mind which bag you're dying to get your hands on, make sure you actually go in for a store visit to see the product in person. It's always a good idea to see what the product looks like in real life, especially since you can have a better sense of the size, material and subtle details that may not have been captured by the camera in an online photo. I especially recommend this for the Drew, since you'll be able to see and feel the leather quality. Not to mention, there are now color block Chloë Drew designs, with other textures such as suede and python. 

The other factor to consider when you're thinking of purchasing the Drew is the size preference. I believe that Chloë now makes the Drew in 5 sizes: nano, mini, small, regular and medium. It can be a little confusing and hard to tell in photos which size is the perfect one for you, so definitely do a little comparison between the different sizes in stores! The photo below features a regular Drew bag on the left (pink) and a small Drew bag on the right (gray).

3. Making The Purchase

 Mull over your final decision for a couple of days before clicking that "purchase" button! This will weed out any last doubts and ensure that you know absolutely which Drew bag is for you! As for where to make the final purchase...I recommending ordering from Farfetch is an international online retailer that curates its products from boutiques from all around the world. I recommend ordering from their site because all taxes/import duties are included in the price that is quoted, which ends up making your final purchase slightly cheaper than if you order from a regular department store carrying Chloë (please read the site's shipping policy for more details). Not to mention, Farfetch ships internationally--so no worries if you're in an area that does not have a local department store carrying the Chloë bag you want!
Now, let's get to the actual review of this gorgeous bag! It was one of the happiest mail days that ever existed when this little baby showed up at the front door. The packaging was pristine, wrapped delicately in tissue paper and double boxed. You can tell the amount of effort it took to ensure the immaculate condition of the bag at its arrival. After careful unwrapping, (and lots of oohhing and ahhing), the Drew was finally here, in all its beauty. The leather is very soft, and a little flimsy to be honest. But that's just the texture of "genuine lambskin leather" I guess. 
Definitely took the Drew out multiple times during NYFW this season. It's very surprising how much the bag can actually hold. The Drew pictured here is the pink mini in grained Nappa leather. This neutral light blush color is very easy to pair with any given look, and adds a nice soft feminine touch to more structured pieces. 
Loving how versatile the design of the Drew is--you can literally take it from day to night, from work to weekend. 
I thought that I might have had to take the mini back and get the regular size instead, but the mini has proven to be able to hold its fair share! The exterior design can be misleading of how big the bag actually is. The interior features a separate small pocket, perfect for holding credit cards, keys, ID and perhaps loose change. I was able to fit all my NYFW essentials into this Drew! If you're someone who has a full size wallet though, you might want to consider the regular because the mini isn't quit wide enough to fit a regular long wallet. Functionality is one of the most important factors when choosing a bag, especially when its an investment piece. My issue with this Drew bag is that the clasp and turnlock design may not be the most practical and can actually make it quite difficult for me to quickly and easily get things from the bag. Still getting used to the turnlock design, but I can't say it's my favorite. 

Hope you guys found this guide and review helpful! I've linked a couple more versions of the Chloë Drew bag that I'm also in love with below. Happy hunting and good luck fashionistas,



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