Rogue House Salon // Finding Your Unicorn Within

Happy Monday, loves! First post in almost THREE months, I can't believe it! Honestly, I've been so creatively blocked, unmotivated and just downright negative to myself that I really lost my purpose for blogging, for creating content, for expressing and sharing my passion.

But, I recently had the most incredible experience and was reminded that it's really not about me. It's about everyone else out there. It's about connecting and growing with everyone and inspiring those to reach for their dreams until they're finally living it. 

And I finally feel that after these three months, I have reconnected with that purpose...thanks to a life-changing hair session with stylist and colorist Jamielynn, owner of Rogue House Salon

I walked into her salon after work last Thursday night feeling tired, defeated and in one word, "done." I desperately needed a change, needed new inspiration to really just get me out of my rut. I'd gone to two other hair salons in the past three months in hopes of achieving that ash brown, lavender balayage color. One look at my hair inspo on Pinterest and Jamielynn knew that this project would take at least 5 hours, ultimately having us at the salon past midnight. 

"If you're down, then I'm down," and that was that. Any other stylist would've just called it a night and asked to reschedule. But Jamielynn's determination and dedication got me to my #hairgoals and made me realize the complacency and passiveness I've settled for in my own life. 

Late night confessions in a hair dresser's chair are not the prettiest sight, and I'll admit that there were definitely tears involved...but it is raw, real and true in its most natural form. I'm sure that I'm not the only one that has felt helpless and meaningless in my every day life and while venting and complaining can serve as a release at times, it does nothing to move you forward. Action is what moves you forward. Take action every day, and with one action at a time, you'll slowly find yourself exactly where you've always wanted to be.

On the outside, Rogue House Salon is a quaint, quirky, low-key hair salon in the heart of East Village. But if you venture inside, you'll find inspiring individuals that have condemned the conventional, the expected and instead, forged their own paths and have never taken no for an answer.

The bright purple and blue hues in my current hair represent my own personal transformation and will serve as a reminder to never settle for anything less than what you can dream up. Why compromise, when you could really have it all? All you have to do is actually go for it.

With Much Love,

{Hair Color} By Jamielynn (Ask for "Vivids" and Book Her HERE!)

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