Fashion Week Chic

Happy NYFW, loves! I can't believe that we're in the midst of another season! This is the 3rd season that I'm attending, but the experience is different every single time. It's interesting this time, especially because it's the first season post college graduation. In the end, it's all about finding a balance between working full time and making the effort to continue to blog as much as possible.

I've learned the hard way that it's just not possible to attend every single show or event without risking exhaustion and overextending yourself. My mentality during the first two seasons was definitely of "I will make it to this show/event even if it kills me." In this day and age, social media perpetuates a mentality built on the "fear of missing out," which was absolutely the fuel to that fire.

I've come to realize that it is okay to say "no" and it is okay to want just five minutes to breathe in this industry that is going a million miles an hour...and to not feel guilty about it. Being a part of this world has been such a blessing and I am grateful for every single moment of it. I just know now that jeopardizing the priority of health and wellness is not a sustainable method for success in this industry.

Many lessons learned and taking it a bit easier this season--but still lots more to come and I'm so excited to share it with all of you!

With Much Love,

Photography By: Runaway In L.A. 

{Romper} ASTR; Similar here
{Blazer} Reiss; Similar here & here
{Bag} Fendi; Mini version here
{Shoes} Zara; Similar here & here
{Scarf} Ann Taylor
{Sunglasses} Banana Republic
{Bracelet} J. Crew



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