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Happy Friday, loves! First week of 2016 officially down! Hope everyone had a great start to the new year and got an extra head start on those resolutions! I've made many resolutions for 2016, spanning a variety of categories from health to shopping habits to work goals. It's really easy to just write a resolution down and say, "okay, within this year, I want to have 'this' done." But the actual follow through is few and far in between. I am so guilty of this--I'm not even sure what my resolutions from last year were, let alone if I reached them. So, no more procrastination, no more excuses. 2016 is going to be the year for major change, and if you're one that struggles with that resolution follow through, I've got a few tips that I'll be using this year to keep myself in check!

Tip # 1: Write It Down!

Actually write the resolution down!! I am so guilty of just making a mental note in my head--maybe I want to read more books, maybe I want to shop less and save more. But, it never really counts until it's in writing. I feel like when you actually write something down, especially when it's a goal or resolution, it feels a lot more concrete. You've got hard evidence of what you want to achieve and you can't make any excuses for yourself when that goal isn't reached. I think half the difficulty is that we don't want to face our own failures. Maybe we think that resolution is too far out of reach and don't want to face not being able to achieve it. Well news flash: if you don't have it set it stone, you'll never achieve it. It'll always just be that "mental note" floating around that you end up forgetting by February, let alone achieve by the end of the year. 

Tip #2: Set a Timeline!

It's relatively easy to write down all your resolutions and just stare at them. It's another to begin taking action to see it happen! I completely get that it's daunting to see a list of your resolutions and feel a bit lost at how to tackle the challenge. So, make a timeline for yourself. What do you want to accomplish by March? By June? Instead of trying to take on the whole resolution itself, break it down into smaller pieces. If you want to lose 10 pounds by next year, maybe break the weight loss down to one pound a month. One pound a month sounds much less daunting than the original resolution and also seems much easier to achieve in the moment. Don't let those big resolutions scare you into not taking any action. Make sure to set up timelines for each goal, so that you can progress toward it one step at a time. "Rome wasn't built in a day."

Tip # 3: Celebrate Mini Wins! 

This ties back to tip #2. Once you've achieved those little goals in that timeline, acknowledge and celebrate it! So maybe it was to drink less coffee and your goal was to limit down to one cup a week (which omg, I can't even imagine doing right now). Once you've cut back to only 4 cups a week instead of the usual 5, acknowledge and celebrate! It's those mini wins that helps boost morale and keep you on track to reach that final goal. Besides, it's always nice to celebrate progress and not just the final result.

A huge part of my productivity during the day is based off of my work environment. I found this especially true during the last few years in college. I've written down many goals for myself in terms of where I want this blog to go and how to up my game in the fashion industry, but those resolutions are all based off self motivation. The only person I answer to is myself. The only person I let down is myself. So to really focus on getting my daily grind done, I like to surround myself in a work environment with other hustlin' people. I can't say that I'm the most productive when I'm at home, because there are just way too many distractions. My bed for one. And Netflix. But, if I'm out at a local coffee shop or at the library, my productivity gets a boost because I get to see others who are just as motivated, working toward their goals and I'm more inclined to put in that work and meet those self imposed deadlines.

And of course, that power work outfit. I'm not saying that you need to get dressed up in a suit and tie, but let's be real. How #GirlBoss do you feel when you're in your PJ's, trying to do work in bed? My day doesn't start until I get into my power outfit. Whether that's putting on a suit and tie, or in my case, culottes and killer heels, get out of those PJs and make a real start to the day! Happy first week of 2016 fashionistas,
{Coat: Theory; Similar here}
{Sweater: Banana Republic}
{Culottes: Zara; Similar here}
{Bag: Rebecca Minkoff}
{Heels: All Saints; Similar here}
{Watch: Michael Kors; Similar here}
{Earrings: Zara}
{Feather Cuff: Banana Republic; Similar here}
{Ring: Sophie Harper c/o Rocksbox; Similar here}



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