Winter Chic

Happy Wednesday, loves! Trying to get back into that work flow after the long weekend and it has been tough! Good thing it's a shorter work week though, right? I always find myself back to 100% after an extra shot of expresso in these kinds of situations. 

Although caffeine does make up a major part of my productivity during the day (okay, try like 80%), the other part definitely has to do with my wardrobe. If you know me, it's been tough this past month now that I have officially graduated and have all this free time on my hands before starting my full time job in a couple of months. It can be really easy to be complacent about your day...especially when you don't really have a compelling reason to wake up early. I admit, it's been a struggle to keep self-motivated and get all of those things on my to-do list done and emails sent out. So, really--the extra effort of getting out of my PJs these days and into something that is more work casual helps boost my motivation immensely.

What really helps me though, starts the night before. Going to bed at a reasonable hour. I'm one of those people who immediately wants to head to bed when there's a ton of deadlines and work to catch up on--but the minute that I have free time, I'll be wide awake. It's now at the point where I'll be up going through full seasons on Netflix until 3am in the morning. >.< Whenever that happens, I never end up waking up the next day at a sane hour. It's a terrible habit and I'm trying to kick it!

If and when I am able to get myself up before 11am, I love going through my morning routine. Just doing things that will help me slowly warm up to the day--and then of course, grabbing that daily essential: coffee. My regular order at Starbucks is embarrassingly basic. Would you have guessed that I consume grande caramel macchiatos like there's no tomorrow? 

Anyway, with winter temperatures setting in, it can be pretty difficult to look chic for work. Half the time I just want to bundle up in a puffy down jacket with some Uggs and a turtleneck and call it a day. But, that's just not what life is. *sigh* A fool proof trick for staying warm and looking work ready? Invest in a cashmere scarf! On days that the weather isn't too bad, you can pair it with a skirt and call it a day. Otherwise, it's the perfect little winter accessory for bundling up in when you're wool coat just isn't enough!

Living on the east coast all these years and dealing with New York winters, I've come to own my share of scarves. I've learned the hard way though, through my college years, of what it means to shop "smarter." Going into my freshman year, I was all about getting the best "deals" and the most bang for my buck. I think that when you have such a constricting budget at that age, you tend to forgo quality for those trendy fashion pieces. These days, I look at my purchases from even a year back and wonder, "what the heck was I thinking?!" Nowadays, I'm all for investing in pieces that I can see lasting in my wardrobe for the next decade. In the end, its always about quality.

Hope you guys have an amazing rest of the week! I'll be diving into "decluttering mode" soon (maybe this weekend) and I can't wait to share my newfound perspective on creating the "perfect" wardrobe for your 20s! 

With Much Love,

{Coat: All Saints;Similar here}
{Skirt: Zara; Similar here and here}
{Heels: All Saints; Similar here}
{Bag: Rebecca Minkoff; Similar here}
{Scarf: Banana Republic; Similar here}
{Earrings: BP.}



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