Postcard From D.C.

Happy Friday, loves! Super excited to be sharing the itinerary from my trip down to D.C. from a couple of weeks ago! This was the last trip I took before starting the corporate 9-5 job, so I definitely tried to make the most of my time there. Even though I only spent about a day and a half in D.C., there was never a dull moment and it was interesting to look back and think of how different life would've been if I had gone to D.C. for school instead of NY...

Naturally, after getting off the bus at Union Station, we were a bit disoriented and superrrr hungry. After dropping off our bags at the AirBNB, naturally, our first priority: FOOD. What else is new? Since we were staying a couple of blocks from Union Station, I'd heard of a market that was fairly close (walking distance, about 15 mins) that had a ton of great food vendors and other specialty shops. They also seemed to have a great oyster bar! Wasn't quite feeling oyster for lunch, so we went with some black squid ink pasta with lobster & shrimp sauce. Needless to really hit the spot and helped get us fueled up for a busy day of exploring!

Day 1: Exploring Georgetown

Discovered the absolute cutest neighborhood in Georgetown! It kind of reminded me of being in the West Village, except the buildings were just a little shorter. We had originally thought about getting the infamous Georgetown cupcakes...but then one of Angela's local friends recommended this bombbbb cupcake shop: Baked & Wired

The line was out the door--but, you know, being a New Yorker and all...that's how you know it's really good. ;) I'd originally opted for the Dirty Chai, but it's one of those daily special flavors and they just so happen to not have it that day. So, coconut it was--and it was absolute heaven. I won't even attempt to describe it because nothing in the city compares and if you're ever in D.C., that's something to add to the bucket list!

Post cupcake wanderings in cute alleyways and maybe just a little bit of shopping on M Street (NW). Also, there was this one gorgeous tree in full bloom, so naturally we had to take about 50 photos before moving on to dinner. >.< 

Satisfying that oyster craving by end of night the first day at Hank's Oyster Bar! We literally left Georgetown super early to make it to happy hour, but were stuck in the worst traffic ever (probably because of the D.C. Metro shutdown at the time). We were the crazy asian girls sprinting down the block to try and make it in time. Pretty sure that innocent bystanders thought we were insane...BUT, it doesn't even matter, cause we made it with 5 minutes to spare! May have gone a little crazy in the end and over ordered...but vacation calories don't count right?

Day 3: Playing Tourist

Staying within walking distance to the National Mall on the second day--cause day 1 seriously tired us out. We started the day a bit late, taking our sweet time getting ready and packed, checking out of the AirBnb in the morning...and then yelping a good place for lunch. 

Now usually, I'll do extensive research before going to a place for lunch, but seeing we were already reaching that "hangry" stage...we ended up going to a restaurant called Founding Farmers...and Oh. My. God--the meal was absolutely amazing! Blind faith in Yelp and our expectations were completely exceeded. I ended up with the shrimp gumbo and completely devoured the plate. Only regret? Wishing we had more time to try all of their dishes! Good thing D.C. isn't that far away...this trip may have to become an annual thing. :D 

Magnolia Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms

Found magnolias in full bloom on our way to the National Mall and had to stop for photos, of course. If any of you guys are headed to D.C. soon, I definitely recommend checking this little area out. It's just a casual sitting area right next to Rawlins Park--it's not marked with a name on Google maps for some reason, but you definitely can't miss it if you're in the area! Check out the full shoot at this location in my previous post, Blossoms In D.C.! The pleated skirt with the magnolias were an absolute dreammmmm. 

On a side note, I sometimes get the two confused (magnolias & cherry blossoms), and ALWAYS get called out on it when I post on social media--so, I made a point of finally differentiating my blossoms. I seriously didn't know that they were different! But you'll definitely be seeing a lot more posts this spring of all the blooms I encounter. Yes, I'm that girl.

Day 2: Stroll Through the National Mall

The last time I was in D.C. was when I was still in high school, attending conferences for Model Congress and such. I really thought I would study politics and become a lawyer one day...funny where life actually ends up taking us. Visiting again after all these years and looking back on my ambitions from back then, I really don't think I would have had it any other way.

I know that a lot of college acceptances are coming out around now and it's tough when you don't get into your dream school. But honestly, life works out in the most unexpected ways. If I hadn't been rejected by Georgetown and hadn't gone to the city for school, I would never have considered fashion as a viable career path. But now, I'm two weeks into training for the new corporate gig and loving absolutely every moment of it. I seriously can't imagine my life turning out any other way.

So to all of you guys out there who are still unsure about your future, or still figuring it out. My words of advice? Just relax and see where life takes you.

With Much Love,



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