Graduating {In Style}

These past few days have been a whirlwind and a blur of heartfelt and nostalgic moments. I officially graduated university last December, but I guess the reality hadn't set in until I walked at commencement a couple of days ago...truly marking the end of an era, the close of a period in my life that had catalyzed such self growth and discovery.

We tend to think we know so much at a given moment in our lives (and this was especially true during my high school days), but it wasn't until college that I realized what I was truly passionate about and finally understood who I was as an individual...found those same colleagues, co-workers, friends that I could relate to and not be afraid to be open about who I really was.

I came into freshman year with a lot of resentment and insecurities. Perhaps that was in part because of how closed off I was to the world. I'd never experienced anything other than the suburban life of my hometown. I had a taste of what Manhattan had to offer from visiting the city a couple times, but it had in no way prepared me for the newness, excitement, possibilities and opportunities that NYU had to offer.

In these past four years, the city and NYU guided me to find and follow my passions. I hadn't ever imagined I would end up here...but that's the funny thing about where we end up in life. We have all of these goals and beliefs and wants and dreams...and life never turns out how we expect--but whatever happens in the end is always meant to be.

I couldn't picture another life in which I didn't come to the city for college, didn't get the chance to travel abroad (twice!) and be able to broaden my perspective of the world in a way that I could never have done if I had gone anywhere else after high school.

We came to the city as dreamers, but quickly learned to be the hustlers to make those ambitions a reality. It's been a tough four years and some moments were certainly a struggle. The advice I wish I could've given myself now that it's all over? Breath and live in every single moment. Truly enjoy and soak in each and every memory because before we know it, it'll be gone in a heartbeat.

Whatever is meant to happen will happen...and the opportunities that don't work out are only paving the way to bigger and better things that we couldn't have even dared to dream for.

The only way around is through. And I am grateful for every single individual that has been there for me to get me through to where I am today.

Hats off to friends, family, colleagues, co-workers, mentors, and the blogger community for the unconditional support that has allowed this dreamer to take on things she never thought were possible.

With Much Love,



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