Reflections at Cloud Gate

Happy Thursday, loves! Just finished my last midterm exam...EVER and it feels good! So happy that I can put blogging back as first priority now--so many exciting things in the works and I can't wait to share them all with you! 

Here's a little throwback to my time in Chicago. We were only able to stay for a weekend because of school/work responsibilities, but oh my god, it was worth it. In just 48 hours, Chicago had my heart. Now, I've always been a city girl right from the start and Chicago was no exception. The architecture, the landmarks, that lively city energy just automatically drew me in. First stop on our sightseeing list: Cloud Gate! 
It really makes you think twice when you're looking at this amazing work of art. Looking up at your own reflection, a bit distorted because of the can't help but just stand in awe and contemplation. Staring up at the distorted reflection, you kind of realize that not everything is always as it looks or seems. 
In light of all the social media controversy lately, I've been thinking more about what social media means to me and how I let it affect my life. It can be easy to be sucked into the world of social media because of its promise for connection and communication. It's an amazing platform to discover and grow and I definitely would not be here blogging for you guys today without a platform to connect and reach out to others who have common passions and interests. I do believe that you have to take things you see on social platforms with a grain of salt. As a blogger, I'm offering a little part of my life to the world. But, what you see may not always be the whole story. Take the photo above for instance...I must have walked around the Bean half a dozen times to try and get these shots. (And I'm very grateful for a boyfriend who has the patience to entertain my crazy notions ;D). But I think the main takeaway message is, don't compare your "behind-the-scenes" with somebody else's "highlight reel." 
I think that as a blogger, it's really hard not to compare yourself with other "bigger" more "famous" bloggers and I'm in a constant struggle with myself to strive to do and achieve more. It's great to have certain goals in mind, to be passionate and motivated. But, it's even harder to accept the place that we are now and to be happy with just that. Social media has given us a platform for connection, but also for comparison. To have insecurities is natural--but it is the ability to overcome those insecurities and continue doing what you love, the way you want to do it that sets individuals apart. 
A blogger friend of mine gave me some much needed words of wisdom: to focus on myself and my own personal growth and that although comparison is natural--to make sure it does not affect my ability to act and give a project my absolute 100%. So, with this new mindset, I continue this hobby, hoping that it will turn into something more one day. 
I've come a long way from just that girl who used to take mirror selfies or flatlays two and a half years ago. I've made new friends, learned lessons all along the way and I wouldn't be where I am today without the support of all of you guys. So thank you all to those who have been with me from the beginning of this fashion blogging adventure and welcome to any of you newcomers to this crazy journey of mine. I hope you'll all stay a while. <3
Chase after your dreams with everything you've got and don't every let self doubt get in the way! With all my love and truly yours,
{Duster Coat: Zara; Similar here}
{Cardigan: Next; Similar here}
{Jeans: Banana Republic, ON SALE!}
{Booties: Banana Republic}
{Sunglasses: Taiwan Street Market; Similar here}



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