Thanksgiving Endeavors

Happy belated Turkey Day, loves! Spent the night before last prepping and cooking and just caught up in the whirlwood of good conversation and family bonding. For Thanksgiving, we usually head over to a family friend's house and do a little potluck with everyone and it's been tradition for the past 10 or so years. But this year, we decided to host our own Thanksgiving at the Chen family household, with two honorary friends who couldn't make it back to their own family during the occasion. This is the event that I look forward to all year--kind of the event that kicks off the holiday season. 
I wasn't able to spend as much time with my family last year because of studying abroad, so I'm super happy to be back in the States this year to spend all the time in the world with them. This was the first time that we'd spent all day prepping and cooking together. Menu items included mashed potatoes & gravy of course, cream of corn, honey maple roasted carrots, bacon wrapped brussels sprouts and the main dish: turkey & stuffing with cranberry sauce! Fairly traditional Thanksgiving meal and it was certainly an event to prepare. I haven't spent that much time cooking the past 6 months than I had in just that one day. 
Kept it cozy this Thanksgiving, bundled in a knit turtleneck sweater and a poncho! Love the feeling of being all bundled up and sitting down to a nice meal with family and friends. The smell of turkey in the air and conversation and laughter as a backdrop...
Hope you all got stuffed and ate your weight in turkey...cause we definitely did! A Thanksgiving to remember, with good food and better company. Hoping that this will soon be the norm and tradition here at the Chen family household. 
Look at those forks, all ready to go and dig in. I'm probably one of the worst people you'll invite over for dinner or just eat dinner with, cause I'm the one that makes you wait a good 5 mins before digging, just to get that perfect #OnTheTable flatlay. Yup. Shameless, I know. LOL
Hope you're all having an amazing Thanksgiving holiday with all of your loved ones! Eat (and shop) to your hearts content! Happy Thanksgiving fashionistas,
{Sweater: Banana Republic; Similar here, ON SALE!}
{Leggings: H&M}
{Grey OTK Boots: Guess, Similar here}
{Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, ON SALE! Similar here}
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