Fall Farewell

Happy Tuesday, loves--and a warm welcome to the new month! Holiday decor and planning will be in full swing now that it's officially December...but I'm still reminiscing of autumn in the city.  A little fall farewell today, with a stroll through Central Park from a couple of weeks ago. This was the first chance I'd gotten to visit Central Park during the fall time, and oh my god. It was absolutely breathtaking. 
Exploring the area around Bow Bridge and then making our way to the great Bethesda Fountain that day. I used to live on the East Side, so whenever I visited Central Park in the past, it'd always be from the east. I cannot believe what I've been missing all these years! Making our way through Central Park from the west with the most amazing fall foliage and scenery--Bow Bridge was an absolute architectural wonder. Making a mental note as a future (wedding) photo location... ;D
Whenever I think of fall and fall style, my mind immediately goes to that statement overcoat. Cold weather fashion is all about that perfect statement outerwear piece, and I must say, I'm guilty of purchasing several coats with each new winter season. >.< It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago though that I finally found that perfect classic red peacoat. I love how this particular coat has an oversized design, perfect for layering up underneath without feeling too bulky. Can't wait to restyle this coat for the holidays as well! 
Couldn't resist a good leaf toss while we were at it. Trying not to look incredibly awkward as my photographer took this shot LOL--obviously failed. I have this bad habit of looking up at all the leaves after I've tossed them, which obviously does not make for a good photo op. xD Nevertheless, I think we got one good one in at the very end. :)
I've come to see the Bestheda from the very first year I started living in Manhattan. I'd always wanted to visit, half in part of that scene from Gossip Girl where Serena and Blair have their heart to heart and make up. The other half of me wanted to be a part of the incredible beauty of Bethesda plaza and every time I find myself back there, I'm always in awe and silent appreciation. The fountain never fails to inspire and every visit back reminds me that great things were not built in one day, but through dedication and discipline.
Hope you're all having a great start to the new month! Getting the last of fall out of my system before jumping into the holiday season! Be prepared for lots of holiday goodness headed your way! Happy styling fashionistas,
Photography By: Brittany

{Coat: Ann Taylor, ON SALE (under $100!)}
{Sweater: Banana Republic; Similar here}
{Pants: Banana Republic, ON SALE!}
{Crossbody Bag: Rebecca Minkoff}
{Heels: Ann Taylor; Similar here}
{Sunglasses: Burberry; Similar here}
{Earrings: Bauble Bar}

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